Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Lee Kimmel is an actress, model and former beauty queen who has competed in the Miss USA and Miss Earth pageants. Kimmel gained international notoriety as a runner-up contestant on both Survivor: China and Survivor: Micronesia.

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Amber Brkich

If we were ranking the hottest Survivor players then no doubt Amber would be near the top of the list, but unfortunately for Amber we aren’t, we are ranking the winners, and she just wasn’t a good winner. It doesn’t help that she really didn’t deserve a place on the All Stars season to begin with, and much like Jenna Lewis was only included because Colleen Haskell turned it down, Amber was only there because Elisabeth Hasselbeck refused to participate.
I hate to say that anyone was carried in Survivor, but if there was ever a season when somebody was carried it was All Stars. Whether they were an item before the season or not will never be truly known, but the fact is Rob and Amber formed an early alliance/relationship and had a grip on the entire season. Rob controlled the game much like he did in Redemption Island, he dominated in challenges, he betrayed people when he needed to, and he had Amber under his wing while he did it. It was even Rob’s promise to Lex that helped Amber survive when the tribes were shuffled. Rob lost in part to a very bitter jury, and Amber reaped the rewards. The reason I don’t place Amber any lower is because she did finish 6th in Australian Outback, which gives her a very good average.

Natalie White

Samoa is a strange season because the Survivor editors decided to neglect every other played and build the season around Russell Hantz, with Shambo as co-star. This meant every one else was severely under-edited, even the winner Natalie White. Does this mean Natalie was a great winner? No. Does she deserve to be ranked in the lower half of the list? Yes. But she definitely isn’t the worst winner ever.
People say that Natalie rode Russell’s coat-tails, and that is true, but that is a valid strategy, and one that Natalie was fully aware of. Natalie said early on in the season that she knew if she was against Russell in the end that she could beat him because of his aggressive, bully style of gameplay. Russell wanted to take Natalie to the end because he believed he could manipulate her, but it worked both ways, they used each other, it’s just that Natalie didn’t feel the need to brag about it and build herself up in every confessional. It could also be argued that if it wasn’t for Natalie convincing Galu to turn on Erik, then the Foa Foa alliance wouldn’t have made it as far.

Danni Boatright

Danni is one of the most over-looked Survivor winners, as is the season Guatemala as a whole, the only season not to have had a repeat chancer (Stephenie doesn’t count because she was originally from Palua). Danni’s game perhaps lacked the flare of other winners, and she certainly didn’t dominate the edit, how could she when Stephenie LaGrossa was involved, but she had a great underdog story, and was extremely likable.
While Stephanie and her alliance back-stabbed and played a more devious game, Danni was loyal and trustworthy, and had a very good social game, probably one of the most underrated social games in Survivor history. When it came down to it she won crucial challenges, and her choice to take Stephenie to the final two proved a smart decision as Danni won 6-1 in a near unanimous victory.

Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca is one of the most unfairly judged winners in Survivor history, in fact, Jeff Probst once called her the worst winner ever, which is just ludicrous. Not only is Jenna not the worst winner ever, she is far from it. Yes, Amazon was strategically dominated by Rob Cesternino, and yes Jenna was up against someone who the rest of cast thought was psychotic in the final two, but that shouldn’t totally discredit her victory.
People rank Jenna so low because she spent the first half of the season with the pretty girls, hooking up, whining, and even considering quitting at one point - and people can’t see past this, they don’t like to admit that someone like that deserved to win. But Jenna did have game, she always had herself in a comfortable position within the majority alliance, when numbers started to dwindle she fit in elsewhere, yes Rob was dictating most of the game, but Jenna was right there behind him. And in the latter half of the game when Jenna lost the numbers, she stepped up in challenges, winning back-to-back immunities, and eventually got rid of Rob and took Matt to the final two, and won in a near unanimous vote. And when she returned for All Stars she was the best positioned out of all previous winners before having to exit the game early due to her Mother’s illness.
Yes she moaned and complained, but she was 21 years old at the time, still the youngest female to ever win the game - and how many people have considered quitting Survivor over the years? I think nearly every one of them must have considered it at one point or another, whether it was thought out-loud or not.